Autoproyecto, primer canal de autos en español en Apple TV

Por Autoproyecto News- 2016/09/01

Autoproyecto Apple TV

Autoproyecto, first Spanish-language auto channel on Apple TV

LOS ANGELES, CA (August 31, 2015) – Autoproyecto announced that it is the first Spanish-language automotive channel available on Apple TV.

Autoproyecto TV is a component of Autoproyecto.com, the largest Spanish-language in-market automotive website in US.

“We are extremely excited about the new Autoproyecto TV on Apple TV because it enables audiences to enjoy our content in a ‘lean back’ environment at full 1080p, and soon in 4K. We know from our experience on Roku that automotive themed programming performs very well in an Over-The-Top (OTT) environment,” comments Camilo Alfaro, CEO and Founder of Autoproyecto LLC.

“There is an undersupply of automotive content in Spanish, and Autoproyecto is ramping up production and distribution to meet the pent-up demand,” explains Alfaro.

Findings from Horowitz Research reported that 51% of Hispanics are leading this initiative, consuming 20% more content on IPTV/OTT devices than cable TV.

Additionally, in 2015, 20.8 million Americans or about 17% of US households cut cable in preference to IPTV/OTT devices, according to eMarketer.

“This is the new big screen at home and we believe this is the future of television content because viewers don’t want to be told when and where they can consume content. We saw this with the rise of mobile and now its on the rise in your living room,” comments Alfaro.

Autoproyecto TV is a free channel available on the Apple App store and on Roku. The new Apple TV channel is now included in the Autoproyecto Syndication and Distribution Network. The new channel features all videos produced in-house by Autoproyecto.com. Autoproyecto is the only Spanish-language automotive channel on both Apple TV and Roku.

About Autoproyecto.com

Based in Los Angeles, Calif., Autoproyecto.com is an in-market Spanish language automotive enthusiast website with over 8 million monthly page-views. Autoproyecto.com is updated daily with original award winning content focused on the latest automotive news, tips and reviews for the US Hispanic market. Autoproyecto.com is the only Spanish language channel on Apple TV and Roku and syndicates its content to all impreMedia properties. Autoproyecto.com is owned and operated by Autoproyecto LLC.

Autoproyecto News

Autoproyecto.com es el sitio web de noticias y contenido especializado más completo para los amantes de los autos. Autoproyecto ha creado contenido original multimedios durante los últimos diez años, que va desde pruebas de autos, noticias y consejos hasta todo lo relacionado al mundo automovilístico.

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