Redesigned Site Launches Autoproyecto Deeper Into the Purchase Funnel

Por autoproyecto - 2019/09/04


LOS ANGELES, Calif. (Sept. 4, 2019)--Today, Autoproyecto launched a redesigned website with new features including an in-market buyers guide, comprehensive vehicle search tools and mobile responsive design. All upgrades are aimed at improving user experience and utility on both small and large screens.

“Autoproyecto began as an auto enthusiast website but as demand for vehicle purchase information grew, we have evolved into the only in-market Spanish-language automotive website,” said Camilo Alfaro, Founder and CEO. The redesign adds enhanced features to facilitate access to vehicle information and to inform purchase decisions, while improving the overall user experience.

Overall, the site has an improved contemporary layout, an adaptable and responsive interface and allows finding comparative or specific vehicle information quicker. The items below describe the major changes to the website:

New Buyers Guide
The Guia de Compra (Buyers Guide) was created completely in-house and modeled to improve the customer Journey. According to Quantcast's DLX reports, showed Autoproyecto shoppers are researching vehicle information in Spanish prior to buying a new or used vehicle within 90-days.

New Search Module
A new search module, on the Homepage and right rail of every other page, assists consumers in finding a specific body type, manufacturer or model.  Each filter helps narrow the search.  The first level of results is by body type, such as a convertible, SUV or truck. The next level is by manufacturer where shoppers can drill down to the model desired. Lastly, searches can also be filtered by year to help find used or Certified Pre-owned Vehicles (CPO)--which offer great discounts with factory warranties.

Manufacturer Landing Pages
When a user searches by “make,” they will be directed to an enhanced manufacturer retention, or landing, page. The pages provide detailed information including a video player with a play list of the latest brand test drives, a list of all the models available with quick specs and a star rating, and a list of the most recent news relating to the brand and its products.

Vehicle Description Pages
New to the site is the addition of Vehicle Description Pages (VDP).  These pages are devoted to the extensive number of models from each manufacturer. Previous versions of the site only contained reviews or test drives of individuals models.  The new pages offer customers a deeper dive into information on a specific vehicle. The pages contain an overall vehicle rating (1-5 stars), major specifications and features, pricing, safety ratings and recent vehicle stories and reviews.

Advertiser Benefits
Advertisers will enjoy our advanced targeting options by make, model, style and even fuel type.

Most importantly the new site reports loading times 65% faster than the previous version.
Autoproyecto is committed to continuing to provide the US Hispanic community with award-winning automotive news and reviews and the tools needed to make a better decision when buying a new or used vehicle.

About Autoproyecto is the only independent and privately owned in-market Spanish language automotive consumer website providing U.S. Hispanics with the latest automotive news, tips and reviews that assist in the purchase of a new/used vehicle. The site also operates its own automotive channel, Autoproyecto TV on OTT (Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV). The site is operated by Autoproyecto LLC, based in Los Angeles, California.

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