Autoproyecto Launches Hispanic Social Media Influencer Program

Por autoproyecto - 2020/02/25

LOS ANGELES (February 28,2020) Autoproyecto is proud to offer a Hispanic influencer engagement initiative call #DriveLatino for the 2020 New York and Los Angeles auto shows. This is an addition to the current Custom Content and Auto Show Satellite Media Tour (SMT) services.
“The purpose of this initiative is to bring together influencers that have an interest in the automotive space and brands that want to expand their exposure to this targeted group,” said Camilo Alfaro, Autoproyecto founder and CEO. “We provide Hispanic influencers a curated experience to capture content, while providing OEMs the opportunity to feature their new product debuts, it's a win-win situation.”

As important as word of mouth is for marketers, it is critical to note that Latinos over index in use of social and digital media. Therefore, the #DriveLatino influencers are highly authentic and engaged and as a community that has not been engaged much in the past by automotive brands, they are motivated to learn and share.

For example, during our recent program at the 2019 LA AutoMobility, we hosted 10 influencers resulting in over 1.8 million impressions and 89 post mentions of #DriveLatino.

As sales level off, manufacturers are looking for ways to expose their brand and products to new segments. The Hispanic market is an obvious choice since it has been leading in sales and population growth.

The US Census Bureau has estimated that the US Hispanic population will be 62.3 million in 2020 and rise to 81.2 million by 2035. Engaging Hispanic influencers, therefore is an even smarter choice.

To learn more or secure your participation in our upcoming program, contact Octavio Navarro at [email protected]


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