Latinos accept electric vehicles, but are not interested in buying them

Genesis G80 Eléctrico 2023

Los latinos aceptan los vehículos eléctricos, pero no están interesados en comprarlos. Foto: Genesis

A few days ago, the Axios website revealed an interesting survey whose results were quite surprising: the majority of Latinos state that it is important to switch to electric vehicles to minimize the harm caused by climate change, but they expressed more interest in buying gasoline cars than zero-emission models.

According to Axios, this is significant because it reflects the lack of access to electric vehicles, which can be more expensive, despite the US government's push for widespread adoption of these types of vehicles.

The Axios Latino-Ipsos survey, conducted in partnership with Noticias Telemundo, showed that 57% of Latinos said they were interested in a gasoline car or sedan as their next vehicle.

Around 55% said they would consider buying a hybrid vehicle that doesn't require charging, and 54% expressed interest in purchasing a gasoline SUV.

Only 41% said they were interested in a plug-in hybrid or fully electric vehicle.

vehículos eléctricos

Solo el 41% dijo que estaba interesado en un vehículo híbrido enchufable o solo eléctrico. Foto: Mitsubishi

Interestingly, the report stated that approximately 60% of Latinos in the survey said it was more important to transition to renewable energy and electric vehicles, compared to 36% who said it was more important to protect jobs in the energy and oil industry.

Regarding this issue, Antonieta Cadiz, the Executive Deputy Director of Climate Power En Acción, commented to Axios: "People know that switching to renewable energy and electric vehicles will help reduce emissions that are warming our planet, causing climate change."

Autoproyecto was also mentioned in this article, emphasizing some data we have shared in our Impacto Hispano series: Latinos represent 18.7% of the US population but account for 24% of all car sales.

The report also revealed a figure from S&P Global Mobility, stating that Hispanics represent only 12.4% of electric vehicle owners.

Chris Jackson, the Ipsos pollster and Senior Vice President, told Axios Latino that while Latinos believe electric vehicles are important in combating climate change, they still don't see them as accessible to them.

impacto hispano

Las preferencias de autos de los hispanos. Información: Axios/Ipsos en sociedad con Noticias Telemundo; OSPB; Chart: Tory Lysik/Axios Visuals

Electric vehicles designed for the rich?

And here comes the reminder from Mike Madrid, a Republican consultant based in Sacramento, California: "The majority of Latinos don't know people who own electric vehicles because they have been very expensive and focused primarily on wealthier white communities."

Axios states that the widespread adoption of EVs depends on the availability of charging stations, which is already a problem for people living in minority communities.

An Axios analysis earlier this year found that electric vehicle chargers are easier to find in wealthier white neighborhoods across the country.

On this topic, Madrid said that Latinos also travel farther distances to work and often use heavy-duty vehicles for work.

"A car with only 270 miles of range per charge and the lack of charging stations in suburban and rural areas creates anxiety about purchasing an EV," he said.

Ramiro Cavazos, President, and CEO of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, commented to Axios that Ford, Toyota, Honda, and GM aggressively target Hispanic consumers with advertising and donations to Latino organizations.

However, Tesla, one of the most well-known electric vehicle manufacturers and the top-selling one, has done little to attract Hispanic consumers and hardly spends money on advertising in any demographic group.