Autoproyecto is Certified Minority Owned by the NMSDC

Por Autoproyecto News - 2022/02/28

Autoproyecto, North America’s top bilingual supplier of automotive content, has been officially certified as a Minority Owned Company by the NMSDC. 

The certification serves two important purposes. First, there are several companies that target multicultural communities, but, very few are actually certified as minority owned. The certification helps consumers verify ownership, empowering them to support businesses that are both members of, and employers in, their communities. Second, the minority owned certification helps corporations authenticate business partners when diversifying their vendor and supplier bases. 

Autoproyecto joins a long list of Certified Minority companies, but, remains the only Hispanic Automotive Media Company with the ‘Minority Owned’ certification. 

The certification was made official on February 1st, 2022, by the Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council, a regional chapter of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). 

“We are very happy to have taken the steps to become Certified Minority Owned,” commented Camilo Alfaro, CEO and founder of Autoproyecto LLC. He added, “I believe it is very important for more companies to recognize, transact with, and show support for, America’s Minority Owned entities.” In closing, Alfaro concluded, “We’ve super-served the fast growing Hispanic community for years, and are proud to add this distinction to our brand.”  

About Autoproyecto

Autoproyecto LLC is the only independent, privately owned and Certified Minority Owned Spanish language automotive media company in the US. provides Hispanics in-language with the latest automotive news, tips and reviews that assist in the purchase of a new/used vehicle. The site also operates its own automotive channel, Autoproyecto TV on OTT (Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV). The site is operated by Autoproyecto LLC, based in Los Angeles, California.